Thursday, February 16, 2006

The rest of the story

The following Sunday, we noticed that the linoleum was starting to bubble in front of the fridge. We didn't think much about it at first. Figured it was an air pocket after moving the fridge. Well on Monday when Mindy got home from work it had enlarged considerably. We poked it with a sick-pin and a little bit of water started coming our. Not good news. It was then we realized what was happening. We moved the fridge away from the wall again, and sure enough the value was slowly dripping.

Instead of dripping on top of the flooring, it was dripping behind the drywall onto the plywood and then rolling under the linoleum. You might not think a slow drip could push up the flooring, but we are now a believer. We cut a larger piece out of the linoleum and started pushing and vacuuming the water out. In total we probably had at least one gallon of water in the wet/dry vac when done.

If there was any bright side of the story, we didn't have to pull up the flooring as we were able to re-lay the linoleum under the fridge and the rest is no longer bubbling.

A couple of days later, we pushed the fridge back into place and though all was finished. You guessed it, it wasn't. That evening we started smelling something hot. We quickly suspected the fridge but couldn't figure it out. After a little bit of time we realized the cooling fan was not running. GREAT!

The next day I was able to buy a replacement fan and started to install it. However, pulling the fridge back out and upon closer inspection there was a packing peanut stuck in the fan blades. Once removed and plugged back in, the fan started without a problem.

Finally some good news, the fridge was fine.

So something as simple as the cat spilling his own water cause a leak and a scare of the cooling fan dying. Let's just say we are happy it's over.

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