Tuesday, August 26, 2008


In just under a month we have gone from starting potty training to POTTY TRAINED!!! (at only 17 months old!!) It just sort of clicked the last couple days and he’s now telling us when he needs to go. The big success was yesterday- he had diarrhea all day and still told us EVERY TIME he needed to go! (yes, it's exhausting to take a toddler potty every 15-30 minutes with diarrhea, but still exciting.)

Today we were at a friend’s house and he would still stop playing and come tell me that he needed to go. We’ve moved on to pull ups, because diapers, even when they stay dry, can’t handle being taken on and off so many times. This is day 2 in a row that he has stayed completely dry all day. He’s still wet in the mornings, but we’ll work on that. We’re just excited that he’s going during the day! We plan to start regular underwear next week if he keeps up the good work of staying dry throughout the day.

Anyway, that’s the update. Gotta go for now. Little man is starting to wake up from his nap. Love to all!