Saturday, October 28, 2006

IT'S A BOY!!!! Carter James Herman

Yesterday, never before was I so thrilled at watching a black and white TV. Mindy laying on the exam table- belly covered with goo, me off to the side watching the TV screen, we anxiously listened to the nurse describe the different parts of the baby we were seeing. She started with the head, taking measurements and printing various angles. Slowly we moved from head to toe. We saw the heart beat at 152 bpm, his hand waiving at us, as if to say "Hello Mommy and Daddy." Being a Herman, he had to be difficult by crossing his legs. The nurse gently "poked" at him to encourage him to move around. And was confirmed, "Most definitely, you are having a boy" said the nurse.

Of course in reality it really didn't matter, but we were definitely hoping for a boy. If you want to see the rest of our ultrasound pictures visit our gallery. Without further ado, we are proud for everyone to see Carter James Herman.

From Carter James ...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Majorly late update... sorry

Well, here’s an all time low for us- 5 months without a blog. We sincerely apologize. For those who haven’t heard the news yet, we are expecting an addition to our family this coming March. We’ll find out in about a week if that addition will be a boy or a girl. We are really excited.

Also since our last post, we’ve both changed work positions. Ryan became a student finance counselor for Southern back at the end of May. I quit my job with Life Care back on June 1, because I had finally had enough of my boss and the social environment of the office was just depressing in general. I now work as a floater for Southern, filling in for offices when employees are out for vacation or medical reasons.

Most recently we took our first real vacation in our 3 years of marriage. We took a 5 night cruise to the western Caribbean, stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We highly recommend cruises as a vacation. Everything is provided and there’s always something to do, but you can also just veg if that’s your choice. However, be prepared to be restricted on the excursions you can participate in if you’re pregnant, but you can still find fun things to do. To bad we probably won’t get to go again for a while, or at least until the baby’s old enough to leave with the grandparents.

I’m sure there’s more to update on from the past 5 months, but those are the biggies I can think of right off. We will try to get updates posted more regularly, but as you can see, we’re somewhat slackers on our efforts, so no promises. But we WILL TRY.