Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby news 7wks

So as you may have noticed from the previous post, we are expecting another addition to our family. And as you may have noticed from the post before that, it pretty much takes a pregnancy to get me to actually blog. Despite going straight from a birth announcement to a pregnancy announcement, they're not actually that close together. Owen is nearly 2 and by the time the baby comes he'll be 2 1/2, which is the same age gap between him and Carter.

We won't find out if God is blessing us with another boy or the girl I've been praying for until September, so until I know for sure it will be "baby" and not "he" or "she". The official due date is Feb. 10, but since this will be another planned c-section, the debut should be around the 3rd.

It appears I may end up with plenty of time to blog about pregnancy again. I'm praying really hard that I don't end up on bed rest again, but I am already having similar difficulties to last time. My blood pressure has once again dropped (much earlier this time around) and for the sake of not falling all over the place I'm limiting my mobility to the essentials. At 7wks my BP has registered a low of 87/45, and will supposedly continue to gradually drop until around the 20th week. Let's hope at the very least it just stays put and doesn't go any lower. As it is the room starts spinning just by lifting my head. :-/

Even with the usual early symptoms, morning sickness, low BP, and frequent trips to the bathroom, it still hasn't really sunk in yet that we're having another baby. It's DEFINITELY sunk in that I'm pregnant, but I literally have to keep reminding myself that we're going to have a beautiful, if not noisy and fussy, newborn in just a few months. We've had the first ultrasound and saw the heart beating and it still doesn't seem real. I vaguely remember feeling this way with Owen and if I recall correctly when those kicks start making their presence known then it becomes very real. With Carter it felt real right away just because it was the first time and I couldn't make myself stop thinking about the baby. :-P

So that's the news for now. We go back July 15 for a 10wk check-up and they said they'll be doing another ultrasound at that point too. It's not too hard to sell me on getting ultrasounds done. I love getting a peek at what's going on in there. The baby was the size of a pea in the 6wk one and was basically a little speck with a flashing dot in the middle (the heart). This next time it should actually look like something! :-)

Check back again, I promise it won't be 2yrs before the next post! :-P