Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Past Month

It turns out a lot has happened this past month and I didn't have time to write about all of it this weekend. We definitely had a great time in NC over the New Year weekend. The whole Herman side of the family was able to make the trek to my parent's house. It was a full house with 15 from my parents to siblings to nephews and nieces, plus the four grandparents, for a total of 19, definitely full

While we enjoyed our time together, there were some low points from some of us getting sick. I suppose it started with Sarah (Mike and Julie's daughter). She had been sick while they traveled. Once in NC Sarah seemed to be better, but then Saturday Julie was sick followed that night by Mike. We tell Mike he brought it upon himself when that evening he said he never gets sick, yeah right.

While nobody else got sick that weekend, it continued to spread the next week. Both Mindy and I succumbed to the flu the next week. Mindy had it a little worse, getting sick on Tuesday feeling a little better the next two days but then relapsed on Friday. I was sick on Wednesday mostly healthy on Thursday and felt mostly normal on Friday. Since then we have gotten back to a normal schedule.

The other "major" even during January was trouble we had at the house and I have to blame it on our cat, Tippin. It started when Mindy arrived home from work one evening and found a puddle of water in front of the refrigerator. When I got home I investigated but could not figure out where it had come from. I cleaned it up and moved on. However, while I was looking under the fridge I realized that it probably hadn't been cleaned since it as purchased. So I decided I would clean it. The reason I blame the cat at this point is because the next day when I went home for lunch there was water on the flow again. However, this time there was a slight trail of water from Tippin's water bowl to the puddle on the floor. He had some how tipped his bowl just enough to spill his water on the floor.

That evening I and bought a fridge brush and started to clean. It was extremely full of dust and other items, some of them being a batteries, a calculator, markers and pens, plastic wrapping from food containers, and empty food boxes (similar to Mac & Cheese boxes). Making sure I cleaned thoroughly I moved the fridge away from the wall. Needless to say this is when the problem occurred. What we wouldn't realize was a small drip of water was now coming from the valve behind the fridge.

To be continued...

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