Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Thanksgiving is upon us all, Mindy's mother (Ruth), brother (Kevin), and girlfriend (Trista) will be arriving late Wednesday evening from Indiana and we are excited to see them again. This will be our first holiday we host in our home and we do have to admit we are enjoying not having to travel.

We are busy planning and readying the house. We still have to finish painting the Kitchen although it should be finished this evening (at least we are hopeful). We finished most of the prep work last night and tonight we pull out the paint. Besides the kitchen we have to do the usual cleaning everyone does before guest arrive, we also have to buy the turkey and other food for the extended weekend. Things are going to be pretty busy, but we plan on making time for our extended family in the area, Aunts, Uncles, Sister, Nephew, and other in the area.

We'll try to take plenty of pictures this weekend and share our experiences next week. Till them, have a great Thanksgiving.

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