Saturday, November 5, 2005

Removing Wallpaper

Last Sunday we started removing the wallpaper in our kitchen. Neither of us have attempted this before so it's a learning process. We first scored the wall with a special tool (we are using the 'Paper Tiger') being careful not to break the drywall, then we spray it with a product call DIF gel. It sits on the wall for about 20 minutes and it is suppose to make the wall paper come off fairly easily. We don't have anything to compair it to so I guess it works okay. We had problems at first, but after a few sections we were able to get the paper to come off in full sheets instead of small sections. An alternative method is to use a steamer. We haven't decided if we want to go that route or not.

The DIF wallpaper remover seems to make the top layer of wallpaper come off, but leaves the backing. The backing is fairly easy to remove by making it damp with a sponge and then slowing using a straight edge to peel it off. This is where we stopped last weekend. We still have more wallpaper to remove and then we have to sand, clean, and patch the walls. At that point we will get to paint it.

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