Friday, July 17, 2009

34 Week Update

So it’s been an interesting week. As mentioned in the last blog, the midwife gave me medication to take when I’m having contractions. Last Thursday night I started having really bad cramping, so I had Ryan take the prescription to be filled. Since it’s not a commonly used drug, the pharmacy didn’t have it in stock. If they couldn’t locate any in the area I would have had to wait for a shipment to come in on Monday. Fortunately they were able to partially fill the order Friday morning, since by then I was having regular contractions every 20 minutes. One pill and 30 minutes later the contractions stopped. That wonderful episode was after spending 2 days lying down and not sitting up, so I no longer have to do anything to provoke the contractions.

The weekend and the beginning of this week were uneventful, just the normal cramping, which has become par for the course. So I decided to schedule a professional photo session to get some maternity pictures taken. I knew there was a good chance that it would bring on contractions, but I really wanted to get the pictures done and I figured the medicine would help. I did have to stand a little, but mostly I was sitting (car, wheelchair, and poses). I was having a little more cramping then normal last night, but nothing too bad.

This morning though I was having contractions every 10 minutes. I went ahead and took one of my pills and waited for them to let up. An hour later there was no change so I went ahead and took a second pill. Another half hour later the contractions finally let up to just every 15 minutes, but never went away. This afternoon Ryan convinced me to call the midwife’s office for advice since the weekend was coming up. The midwife was concerned that the contractions had been only 10 minutes apart, even after taking the first pill. She instructed me to take 2 pills every 6hrs for the next 24hrs and then 1 pill every 6hrs after that if they haven’t stopped yet. She also said if they get stronger or closer than 15 minutes apart while on the medication to go into the hospital.

So it’s going to be an interesting weekend. The medicine makes me extremely jittery, so it’s hard to do anything. I’m actually only able to type this because the first dose is just wearing off and the next dose of medicine hasn’t fully kicked in yet. Hopefully the contractions will eventually let up. I’m scheduled to go back to the Dr. on Tuesday, at which point I will be 35wks. I hope Owen is able to hang on at least until then. I know he’s big enough to safely come out now, but my first choice hospital for delivery doesn’t take women before 35wks. And whereas I don’t really want another 9lb+ baby, I’d still like him to at least reach 7lbs.

I will post another update after Tuesday’s appointment. That is unless Owen decides to make his debut first. :)

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