Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ABC's, football, and the Bahamas

Wow! It’s been 2 months! My bad. I guess there just hasn’t been a lot to update on. Not a lot of new things going on in the lives of the Hermans. As mentioned before, Carter is potty trained. He’s been wearing real underwear ever since that last post. He still wears a diaper at night, but he’s starting to have more mornings where he’s still dry.

The only new developments I can think of are that he’s learning more letters and colors. He knows more than half of the alphabet, but he’s learning them in his own completely random order. He seems to really pick up on the “letter of the day” on Sesame Street. He also loves to sing twinkle, twinkle and the ABC song. He’s got the tune down (it’s the same for both songs), but he doesn’t have all the words of course. It’s mostly “tinkle, tinkle, tinkle….” or random letters for the alphabet.

Oh, and of course it’s football season now and Ryan has gotten Carter to completely fall in love with the game. He asks for “foobah” daily. And of course he’s a Panthers fan (he’ll say panther whenever he sees the team logo). He has his own little jersey with matching pants that he wears on game days. Ryan has also taught him how to hike a football, put his arms up and yell touchdown, and he’s getting better and throwing and catching his little football.

For Halloween I made a Spongebob Squarepants costume for our neighbor boy Tyler, and a smaller version for Carter just for the fun of it. But I don’t let Carter watch spongebob, so he has no idea who he is. So Carter is going to be Elmo (he LOVES elmo!), and his big stuffed elmo will wear the little spongebob costume to match Tyler.

As for the adults in this house, we are testing our building skills. I, Mindy, designed a twin bed and we are now in the process of building it. Assuming it holds up, it will go in our little back room that until now has served our storage needs. We’re going to turn it into a small guest room/playroom for Carter.

What we’re currently looking forward to is our cruise to the Bahamas, coming up in less than 2 weeks! Unfortunately, Ryan will be away in Texas next week for a conference, so after a week away, he’ll only get to see Carter for 1 day before we leave him with his Nana and Papa for a week. For my part, I haven’t had a night away from my baby since he was born, so I’m extremely excited about getting away, but of course a little apprehensive about being away from him for so long.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ll post another blog after we get back from our cruise to let you know how things went.