Saturday, February 3, 2007

Carter Update

Since we found out we are expecting a boy we've been busy getting things ready in our spare time. Originally we had setup the house with one guest room and used the other bedroom as an office. We have since moved the office and guest room together, cleaned out the former guest room, and have begun setting up the nursery.

We are most greatful for the gifts we have gotten from our friends and family. Without them we would have a very difficult time coming up with everything we would need to fill his room. Clothes, furniture, blankets, bottles, etc, the items one needs to have a home for a baby is almost overwhelming. We thank everyone that has given not just to us new parents but to every expecting family.

Speaking of furniture we are using the same crib that I used as a baby. It was also used by my older sister, Amy; and Amy used it for her son, Tristin until around December when they bought him a toddler bed (he is now 2 years old). The glider should be here next week and then the room will be competed, well mostly, we have a few remaining items we will be buying to fill his room, but nothing that is a "oh you have to have this with a baby."

Mindy has been working from home, helping format a dissertation for Vinita Sauder, a VP at Southern. This has kept her fairly busy since the beginning of the year. This project has mostly come to an end though which means she is probably done working until after Carter is born. She has also kept busy getting Carter's things in order, she has washed most of his clothes and has put things away quite nicely in his room. We have hung a few things on his walls but have a couple more items we want to add. It is safe to say his room is coming along nicely. After the baby shower last week however, there are now a few more things to take care of but it will get done.

Oh yeah, almost forgot we can now bring him home from the hospital. On Monday we bought his car seat and stroller. And don't forget to check out the gallery again there are a few new pictures and videos.
That's about it for now, we are having a SuperBowl party here tomorrow night with some friends so we will be busy tomorrow morning getting ready, we are going to grill pizza's. Yummy!

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