Sunday, December 18, 2005

Business as usual

So what have we been doing since Thanksgiving? Pretty much the usual, working during the day and enjoying the evenings at home. The weekend after Thanksgiving we awoke Sunday with no power. There was bad weather Saturday evening and while we don't know the exact cause of the outage, our whole neighborhood was without power. Because of this we visited Amy most of the day and Ryan was able to watch the Carolina versus Atlanta game and Mindy was able to play with Tristan.

Since then, Mindy has continued to work on her portrait portfolio and Ryan was able to complete a redesign of Ridge Rest's website, feel free to have a look. Mindy has also started tutoring of one of her coworkers daughers one night a week.

Currently we don't have plans for Christmas as New Years weekend is when we'll get together with the whole family in NC. We will probably get together with family in the area both nothing has been finalized.

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