Thursday, January 1, 2004

Ryan Herman

Ryan Herman was born on August 20, 1980 to Ron and Linda Herman, in a small town, Columbus, NC. Columbus has always been his home. He attended the local church school until his 5th grade year, when he then attended Captain Gilmore Elementary in Fletcher, NC. Here he met Kevin Johnson who was also in the 5th grade. Nathaniel Sawtell (NJ) also attended Captain Gilmore, but was a grade ahead of him.

Kevin and Ryan became close friends and have enjoyed many years of friendship that continues even today. After grade school, both of them decided to attend Mount Pisgah Academy. At Pisgah he made many new friends, among those were Cort Sommerville and Morgan Kochenower. During his junior year at Pisgah, NJ and Ryan became roommates and formed a close friendship.

After graduation in 1999, Ryan went to Andrews University (AU) in Berrien Springs, Michigan. NJ graudated the year before and decided to attend AU, to pursue a Computer Engineering Technology Degree. Since Ryan was interested in computers as well, he decided to attend Andrews with NJ. However, after his first year, he decided Computer Engineering was not the correct major. In 2000 both NJ and Ryan decided to move to Tennessee and attend SAU to pursue a B.S. in Computer System Administration.

Before his senior year at SAU, he was introduced to a lovely young lady, Mindy Price. (how we met) Mindy and Ryan started dating in September 2002, and by April 19, 2003 they were engaged.

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